Life-Saving Donor Breast Milk On Its Way to Sick and Orphaned Babies in South Africa

12 Aug, 2011 by  Dominique Bischoff-Brown

In a major humanitarian effort, the US-based International Breast Milk Project (IBMP), Quick International Courier and Prolacta Bioscience® worked together to organize and ship 5,000 ounces of donor breast milk from Monrovia, California to Cape Town, South Africa. The shipment, the fifth so far to Cape Town, and the first of two this year, will be given to premature, sick and orphaned infants who typically weigh less than three pounds and receive roughly one ounce of milk per day.

Donating milk is an act that involves the least pain and the most gain...

SA baby

The Cape Town-based non-profit, Milk Matters, distributes donor breast milk to over 23 major hospitals in the province, helping save the lives of premature babies. Commending the efforts of milk banking and distribution, Dr Alan Horn of the Groote Shuur Hospital in Cape Town, said, "I firmly believe that the practice of milk banking is still in its infancy, globally and especially in South Africa. Donating breast milk is an act that involves the least pain and the most gain, compared to any other human tissue or organ donation. It is potentially life-saving and is worth more than equipment or staff."

Amanda Nickerson, Executive Director of IBMP, said that one-third of women age 25-29 in South Africa are living with HIV. Hence, there are fewer donors in the area eligible to offer breast milk through a local donor bank. IBMP is already collecting milk for the next shipment which will be later this year.

Over 267,682 ounces, or 66,920 bottles of donor breast milk has been delivered...

Prolacta Bioscience, a life science company, creates specialty formulations made exclusively from human milk for the nutritional needs of critically ill premature infants, partners with International Breast Milk Project by processing and packaging the donated breast milk to ensure its quality and safety. International Breast Milk Project is the only organization in the world to provide large provisions of donor breast milk to infants who may be premature and suffering disease in Africa.  As of this year, IBMP has provided over 267,682 ounces, or 66,920 bottles, of life-giving donor breast milk to infants in South Africa.

I am so pleased that Quick International Courier is able to once again participate in this life-saving endeavor by providing the logistics planning and secure cold chain transportation.

If you or someone you know is interested in donating milk, please contact:  IBMP (in the U.S.) or your local Milk Bank (for the rest of the world.) 

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