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Your shipments may be lifesaving or vital for a medical protocol. They require special handling and the greatest care to ensure security and integrity.

That’s why Quick, an expert in moving critical shipments around the world, provides dedicated On-Board Courier services to safeguard your deliveries and avoid potential delays -- giving you the highest level of security and reliability.

  • WHITE GLOVE SERVICE, with a specially trained Quick courier that personally hand carries your shipment
  • SAFEGUARDING YOUR SHIPMENTS AND AVOIDING POTENTIAL DELAYS our courier can walk your shipment onto another flight, as well as manage customs clearance - any time of the day or night
  • SPECIALIZED HANDLING AND SUPPORT through our close working relationships with airlines
  • ABILITY TO OBTAIN "MEDEVAC" STATUS  working with Air Traffic Control and flight departments for priority treatment of your shipment
  • AN UNMATCHED CHAIN OF CUSTODY since shipments never leave the hands of Quick experts until they are delivered
  • EXPERT TEMPERATURE-CONTROLLED LOGISTICS with solutions for all temperature ranges
  • HIGHEST LEVEL OF SECURITY AND RELIABILITY to protect the viability and integrity of your shipment
We are always on call, ready to answer your questions and guide you through various logistics challenges.

Contact our experts for a free shipping assessment or regulatory consultation.