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Immunotherapy drugs are one of the most exciting discoveries in the life science industry, continuing to reach to all stages of patient care and fields of medicine. These personalized medications include autologous vaccines, CAR T-cell and TCR therapies, which are created from a patient’s own cells and may control or cure various cancers. They offer the ability to harness and energize a patient’s immune system to fight cancer with little or no adverse side effects.

Because personalized medications can be less stable than others, both speed and maintaining proper temperature is critical. Whether shipping patient samples and aphaeresis to the CMO or clinical storage facilities, back to medical facilities or to the physician's office for patient infusion, Quick will protect the integrity of your biologics and vaccines throughout the medical supply chain. Our strict chain of custody protocols provides security, safety and ensures that the right drug reaches the right patient.

To protect the integrity of your shipments, Quick delivers:

  • EXPERT TEMPERATURE-CONTROLLED LOGISTICS for all temperature ranges with the ability to meet the critical transit times required to maintain the viability of personalized medications
  • GLOBAL PROVISION OF TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED PACKAGING from -196°C to 2-8°C to 15-25°C, including LN2 dry shippers and conditioned Vacuum Insulated Packaging
  • NEXT FLIGHT OUT, ON-BOARD COURIER AND AIR CHARTER  options allowing us to adhere to the tight transit time requirements for immunotherapy medicine
  • IN-TRANSIT STORAGE (COLD ROOM) utilizing GDP principles and best practices, as well as access to temperature-controlled vehicles to maintain required temperatures
  • PRE-QUALIFIED ROUTING and real-time GPS tracking to head off potential for delays
  • ROBUST CHAIN OF CUSTODY ensuring individual handling of each patient specimen and drug therapy, providing the highest security and product integrity
  • A MARKET-LEADING ONLINE IT PLATFORM that helps you manage transportation costs and monitor packages with real-time information on the status of each shipment

Quick provides precise cold chain and individual handling throughout the supply chain to ensure drug integrity and patient safety. With certified quality control processes and compliance with Good Distribution Practices (GDP), Quick is the proven logistics partner to safely deliver patient samples, aphaeresis and personalized medications on time, and intact.

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