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Expert solutions for gene, cell and immunotherapies


As the adoption and practice of personalized medicine continues to extend its reach to all stages of patient care and fields of medicine, challenges arise. Most critically ensuring the right drug reaches the right patient at the right time.

As the trusted leader in the industry, Quick was chosen as the preferred logistics partner for the first FDA approved cancer vaccine. With over 10 years of experience in personalized medicine logistics, we know that any misstep could be dangerous and potentially fatal to a patient. We also understand these types of drugs can be less stable than others, making both speed and temperature even more critical. As the industry leader, Quick delivers unmatched logistics expertise and chain of custody for:



While healthcare logistics is complex for all types of medical shipments, gene, cell and immunotherapies have special challenges. With over 10 years of expertise in personalized medicine supply chain, we understand that even minor fluctuations in temperature can impact the stability of your vaccines and biologics.


Immunotherapy drugs are one of the most exciting discoveries in the life science industry and include autologous vaccines, CAR T-cell and TCR therapies, which are created from a patient’s own cells. Because personalized medications can be less stable than others, both speed and maintaining proper temperature is critical.


For fertility patients, nothing is more precious than their eggs, sperm or embryos being shipped for testing or storage. Safeguarding them requires expert temperature monitoring, precise tracking and unmatched speed of delivery.


An extremely short half-life means radiopharmaceuticals logistics hinges on the fastest delivery times and utmost care. Quick's highly trained, certified specialists work closely with you – following strict quality assurance protocols, preparing documentation and monitoring shipments for secure, fully compliant delivery.

Put Quick's years of perfecting chain of custody logistics to work for you and your patients.