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David Murphy

Executive Vice President Life Science Solutions
Life Sciences

David Murphy is a 30 year veteran of The Quick Group of Companies, holding various leadership roles in Quick's Life Science division. Over the past 8 years, David has served as Executive Vice President of Quick's Life Science Division, and works closely with major healthcare organizations to develop specialized logistics solutions to safely transport human organs, tissue, blood and blood products for transplant or research. He also works with biotech and pharmaceutical companies to plan and implement transportation strategies for personalized medicine; including cell, gene and immunotherapy treatments.

He develops scalable transportation solutions that preserve the product integrity of these life-saving shipments, and most importantly, the overall safety of patients. He helps to ensure adherence to the strict regulations of the life science industry and the chain of custody at every shipment milestone. David was instrumental in the logistics planning of the first FDA approved cancer vaccine, and subsequent commercialization roll out.