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Quick offers worldwide GPS Solutions for added security and peace of mind for your critical life science shipments. Real-time monitoring and tracking is provided throughout the entire air or ground transport chain with GPS and cellular-based devices.

  • MONITORS SHIPMENT CONDITION including temperature, humidity, shock, light and orientation change  
  • CUSTOMIZED EMAIL ALERTS to notify you when predetermined parameters are met; geofencing within certain ranges of planned route
  • DRIVES EXCEPTION ALERTS through SMS text and email when pre-configured conditions are exceeded  
  • DEVICES STORED at strategic locations and delivered upon demand within hours  
  • TRACKS CURRENT AND HISTORIC  location of your assets
  • INTEGRATED WITH QUICKONLINE, Quick's advanced logistics management software  
  • CLOUD-BASED APPLICATION provides ongoing access to
    shipment data
  • EXCEPTION MANAGEMENT to minimize delays across the
    supply chain

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