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Quick ensures that the security and integrity of your life science shipments are maintained from pickup through to final delivery -- with our strict protocols and chain of custody procedures.

  • END-TO-END SAFE TRANSPORT from your facility to hospitals, laboratories, CMOs or medical sites to anywhere in the world
  • INDIVIDUAL TRACKING WITH UNIQUE ID NUMBER and detailed information from point of pick up through to final delivery
  • OPTIMIZED ROUTE PLANNING for safest, most efficient route and transport modes
  • POINT-BY-POINT NOTIFICATIONS ensure that your shipments and unique ID numbers are reviewed and accounted for at each milestone
  • ADVANCED MONITORING SYSTEMS that track the exact time in transit with automated alerts of potential delays, enabling Quick to reroute shipments
  • DEDICATED, SPECIALLY TRAINED DRIVERS for the fastest and safest delivery any time of the day or night

Whether you're transporting organs or tissue for transplant, bone marrow, blood products or personalized medicine therapies, Quick will ensure your critical shipment is delivered into the right hands on time, integrity intact.

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