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We understand that your life science shipments are critical and with a purpose to save or improve lives, be a vital part of medical research, or help bring important new drug therapies to market. That's why our specially trained medical logistics experts assess your specific requirements and develop a customized supply chain strategy to meet your objectives.

We will analyze the safest, most efficient routes and transport modes, and utilize unmatched Chain of Custody and quality protocols. Our specialists will provide consultation on the latest Qualified Packaging solutions, to include GPS Tracking Devices that monitor shipment condition including temperature, humidity, shock, light and orientation change. We also have convenient and immediate access to fully charged Dry Shippers anywhere in the world, which are available to you within 24 hours.

Shipments are monitored every step of the way to ensure Temperature Control and product integrity. Milestones and built in alarms ensure adherence to specific cold chain protocols. 

Whatever you are shipping, from Organs and Tissue for Transplant or Research, Blood and Blood Products to Personalized Medicine or Medical Devices and Equipment, let Quick, the trusted leader in life science logistics, provide you with proven solutions and peace of mind.