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Specialized Handling of Your Blood Product Shipments


Whether you are shipping bone marrow, cord blood or blood components, at Quick we understand your business is saving lives. We know that when it comes to your shipping needs, speed and temperature control are more than important – they are critical. 

With innovative solutions that offer complete end-to-end transportation services, your time and temperature-sensitive blood products shipments are handled with unmatched attention, reliability and care. Our cutting-edge technology gives you real time visibility of incoming shipment volumes. This detailed information helps you maximize the efficiency of day-to-day operations by managing resources more effectively. And whether blood products are coming in or being sent out to hospitals after testing, Quick always adheres to the FDA’s tight Turnaround Time (TAT) limits and guidelines.


With over 35 years of experience working with blood banks and labs around the world, Quick understands the unique challenges of managing high volumes of blood shipments with their specific time constraints and temperature requirements.


Quick is the most experienced global transportation provider of cord blood, stem cells and umbilical cords for transplant or research. Our specially trained experts work with hospitals, laboratories, blood banks and medical processing centers and utilize the safest routes to ensure product integrity.

You need your shipments to move as quickly as possible, 24/7/365. More than that - whether you are transporting cord blood, blood products or bone marrow for transplant or research, your shipments must remain viable. You can take comfort in knowing that only the most knowledgeable team of experts is managing the progress of your shipment from pickup to final delivery.