Highlights of the 2017 Phacilitate Cell & Gene Therapy World Conference in Miami, Florida

Feb 02, 2017 by  Marie Vigliarolo

With more and more gene and cell therapies approaching final stages of clinical trials, the industry is nearing its historic breakthrough point - to provide people around the world with access to revolutionary treatments that save, extend and improve lives. 

The Phacilitate Cell & Gene Therapy World Conference which took place 17-20 January, 2017 in Miami, Florida, gathered over 850 attendees and more than 200 speakers eager to share their ideas and enthusiasm towards the future of personalized medicine.

At the center of the supply chain discussions was commercialization, specifically scaling up from clinical to commercial supply logistics. The main concern of the industry is maintaining the integrity and viability of the shipments, which will drastically increase in volume once the new therapies reach the market.

Questions raised during the discussion panels centered around the following topics: 

  • bridging the gap between clinical vs. commercial logistics
  • cold chain technologies and cryopreservation 
  • patient scheduling and clinical site storage   
  • tracking of the shipments 
  • advanced technology solutions to link all stakeholders in the supply chain
  • understanding regulatory aspects of temperature-controlled logistics

Addressing some of the key supply chain challenges of the cell and gene therapy industry, Scott Ohanesian from QuickSTAT delivered a presentation "Overcoming the Complexities of the Personalized Medicine Supply Chain". 

You can access the PowerPoint Presentation below:

Cell and Gene Therapy industry is entering an exciting phase of accelerated growth, which carries many logistics challenges. If you have any questions or need logistics/regulatory guidance, please contact our experts who will answer you directly.

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