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Case Study

Improved Efficiencies for Cord Blood Company Utilizing Innovative QuickBoard Technology

Provides Visibility of Inbound Shipments to Testing Laboratory -- Ensuring the Integrity of Umbilical Cord Blood.


Often unpredictable timing of birth prevents planned collection and testing of umbilical cord blood before cryofreezing. Cord blood requires immediate pick up and delivery to labs as well as temperature control solutions to ensure viability. Integrity of cord blood is crucial for treatment against life-threatening diseases. The client did not have accurate visibility of inbound cord blood shipments, which resulted in difficulty in proper staffing and testing preparation.  


QuickBoard logistics technology integrated with cord blood laboratories.

  • Direct XML feed from Quick enterprise system alerts client of inbound shipment volume and details.
  • Real-time shipment data helps with appropriate staffing and testing preparation.
  • Solution improved day-to-day operational and logistics efficiencies.
  • Strict temperature control and chain of custody protocols ensured viability of cord blood.
  • Bar code scanning facility at laboratory enhances chain of custody upon delivery -- this prevents existing staff from being distracted by the receiving process, particularly when the laboratory is not completely staffed.